Streetnotes 20: URBAN FEEL. Spring  2010


Keisha-Gaye Anderson

From Ile-Ife

They took my mother’s body
from Ile-Ife
back then
during that time
when she adorned herself with gold dust
and birthed men of bronze
between her thoughts and her finger tips
and could raise any tide into a tempest
with a mere flourish of her skirt.

They hammered her into an industry
a copy machine
to fund a journey
that should have been navigated
in their own thoughts,
and gorged on a bounty that could never
bring them immortality
or make them see their own reflections.

They built this city
and other sprawling cogs
in those used-to-be places
greased by our sweat
just to manufacture fear
but I am still here
in my mother’s skin
swaying through these streets
to the rhythm
of my beating heart
a hymn to the only true reality
and carry always with me
the majesty and the mystery
that is the Great Mother.


(c)Keisha-Gaye Anderson