David Michalski
research librarian, cultural theorist, ethnographer.

Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Shields Library, 100 North West Quad
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95814 

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University Library
University of California, Davis
Librarian subject specialist and bibliographer for
African and African American Studies, American Studies,
Asian American Studies, Cultural Studies, Geography,
Human and Community and Region Development,
Psychology, Sociology, and Women and Gender Studies.

Available for research consultations,
term paper help, &
collection development requests.

Taste After Taste:
On the Aesthetic Invitation of Wine
Ph.D. Dissertation,
Cultural Studies, Critical Theory
University of California Davis, 2010.

Examines the place of taste in consumer society through an ethnographic and historic study of wine culture.

Cosmos and Damian:
a world trade center collage
Lowell, MA: Bootstrap Press, 2005.

      The last book of the twentieth century.

"...a far reaching, dazzling investigation
into the daily life of the WTC..."

--Robert Fitterman
online peer-reviewed journal for poetry, ethnography
and the documentary experience...
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xcp image Xcp: Cross Cultural Poetics

an interdisciplinary journal of poetry,
poetics, experimental ethnography,
and cultural and performance studies

Critical Studies in Food and Culture

Research Cluster
Davis Humanities Institute, UC Davis
David Michalski Wine Taste

Employee Entrances and
Emergency Exits

In:  Visualizing the City.
Edited by Alan Marcus, Dietrich Neumann.
London: Routledge, 2007. 

Portals to metropolis:
19th-century guidebooks and the assemblage of urban experience

Tourist Studies 2004 4: 187-215


Buffalo: notebook on my return

In Captured by the City: Perspectives in Urban Culture Studies. Edited by Blagovesta Momchedjikova. Cambridge Scholars Press. 2013.

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