LAUC E-Journal Resource Requirements








Form Editorial Board

LAUC Board?

Board members volunteer time


Select editor in chief

Editorial Board

20-50% release time


Hire student assistant

Editor in Chief

Student Asst:

15 hours per week/ $10-12 per hour


Get E-Scholarship training

Ed in Chief & Student assistant


2 hours

Determine look and layout of journal; obtain ISSN; contact abstracting services

Editor & Editorial Board

Graphic artist?

Student assistant

$2000.00 1st meeting costs



Form peer review panel

Editor & Editorial Board & Student assistant

Peer reviewers volunteer time


Select/solicit guest editors and topics

Editor & editorial board

Guest editors volunteer time


Set up publication schedule & time table

Editor & editorial board







Solicit authors

Guest editor

Guest editors volunteer time


Write articles

Issue authors

Authors volunteer time


Keep authors on schedule

Guest editor



Submit articles

Issue authors



Compile articles, give feedback on content, and write introductory essay

Guest editor



Submit complete mss to Editor in Chief

Guest editor



Copy mss

Student assistant

Need copying facilities


Select reviewers

Ed in chief



Send blind copies to review panel

Student assistant

Mailing costs


Keep reviewers on schedule

Ed in chief



Return reviewers comments to authors if revisions are necessary

Ed in chief



Submit revised article




Send mss to copy editor

Student assistant



Copy edit mss

Freelance Copy editor

$1-$4 per page; $20-$65 per hour


Make corrections

Student assistant



Proof corrected mss/galleys

Editor in chief



Format for upload

Student assistant



Upload articles

Student assistant






1) E-Journal Cost Proposal from Ron Riggio


2) Comments from Ajit