Draft Description of Journal         3/31/05


            The journal seeks to publish articles on matters of interest to the communities of Academic and Special Librarians. 

Submissions should either contain substantive research or be substantive practice/experience oriented articles. 

In either case, submissions should explain the context and implications of that research for the library and

information science communities, and/or the social, technical, and intellectual contexts in which they are situated.  The

journal will consider articles on all aspects of academic or special libraries and librarianship,and welcomes articles that utilize the perspectives and

methodologies of other disciplines

            Each issue will be a set of peer-reviewed essays on a common theme.  These will be organized and selected by a Guest Editor

whose proposal will have been reviewed and accepted by the Journal's Editorial Board.


            While the Editor-in-chief will always be a LAUC member, Guest Editors may come from anywhere. 

The Editorial Board should be composed of a combination of LAUC and non-LAUC members.

        The committee recommends lining up several potential guest editors prior to the decision to go forward with journal as a way of assuring

its viability.

            The committee recognizes that it may be desireable to include non-peer-reviewed features such as reviews, bibliographies, and

webliographies.  It recommends that the inclusion of such features be deferred until such time as the journal is established.  Should the Editorial Board decided

to add columns of this sort, it should appoint an editor for each type of  non-article feature.