Draft  of Journal production Timeline, March 18, 2005,

Janet and Andrea



Select editor-in-chief

Select and form editorial board

(need to spell out roles among these and the guest editor)


Establish themes for issues


Information and Culture and human development

New directions for library professionals

Digital preservation issues: storage, funding, capturing tools, access,

  metadata (bib control)

Libraries: the gateway/tool to information management and society

Libraries and partnerships

Global library

Libraries: tools for education

Socially responsible library

Democracy and diversity

Some aspect of Instruction

Information for a price

Focus on the user

Using space to improve services


Select guest editor

Send out call; solicit selected people who've presented at conferences on

topics of interest

Need guest editor guidelines.


Guest editor solicits articles:  6-9 months

In addition to research articles, practical articles on the theme will be

considered, with review by the guest editor.  These will be accepted

within a shorter timeline.


Articles go to referees:  1-2 months

Selection of referees: send out call; focus on LAUC members, providing

opportunities for involvement


Accepted articles are edited as necessary:  1 month

Send to copy editor


Articles are posted on the web:  2 weeks



The process should begin again within a couple of months,

overlapping with the ongoing process in order to provide continuity.